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I invite you to have a look at these lovely wristwatches with a simple yet exquisite design and interchangeable straps from Capitola. I just love how my beautiful Silver Cotton from Velvet collection practically matches almost everything in my wardrobe.


Gift someone or treat yourself with a Capitola and help build a better world! They are donating from their profits of each collection to four different organizations. Use and code PUNTODISTILE and get 15% off

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discount code promo offer Swimwear 2019Bright Swimwear discount

I'm absolutely in love with my one-piece swimsuit from Bright Swimwear. It's comfortable, it works great as an unconventional top and it surely stands out with its catchy colours and design.


Choose your favourite swimsuit from the new collection, use code PUN15 and get 15% off of any orders you make.


10% of profits are donated to help clean up the oceans and educate schools and organizations about oceans.​

modagenovaroma_site_fashion shopping online

Modagenovaroma.it is the first shopping website in Genoa. Opened in March 2019, the portal promotes and supports local retailers, bringing them together in an online showcase. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with this local community on several occasions and I guarantee you can find many interesting garments and accessories on this website.

This page contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something after clicking one of the links on this page, I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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