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24/08/2019, 14:22

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 One month to go until autumn. With unpredictable weather and some intriguing fashion trends coming our way, it’s time to start adding some novelty to your look. In this article you will find 14 ideas meant to help you to subtly adopt the latest autum

One month to go until autumn. With unpredictable weather and some intriguing fashion trends coming our way, it’s time to start adding some novelty to your look. In this article you will find 14 ideas meant to help you to subtly adopt the latest autumn winter 2019-2020 fashion trends and to transition gracefully into the fall season.  

From classic and minimal to romantic or dark grunge styles, there’s plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Here are 14 of them for you to try: 

1. If you often find it difficult to come up with new outfits or feel you have nothing to wear, despite your rather full wardrobe, you might need some basic and classic garments. These are the ones that make a really workable wardrobe, as opposite to highly decorated costume garments. Adding some basic and classic garments to your wardrobe in the next few months will not only make it easier for you to create new trendy minimal looks, but they will also provide you with a solution to start wearing more pretentious clothing items you already own.  

If your wardrobe lacks a suit, this is the best moment for you to invest in a great one. Be it a two-piece suit with blazer jacket and pants or jacket and skirt, make sure it’s made in a high-quality fabric that will make it look good and that you can wear for many times in various occasions. This season, you can wear the two matched pieces together or you can mix each of them with other garments, as separates. Make sure you wear the bottom garment as often as the top one, so that they wear out equally; otherwise, they won’t look good together when you wear them in the same outfit again. 

3. Replace your usual tops with lightweight
silky bow or bouffant sleeve blouses. They will add femininity to your outfit while keeping your arms warm on cool days. According to the occasion and situation, you can wear them with suit pants or skirts, but also with other separates.   

Wear a printed scarf with a romantic print such as quotes from poems or statues of famous lovers like Romeo and Juliet. It’s a great way to make romantics look more modern and interpret this mood from a whole new perspective.   

Add an unexpected twist to your outfits by means of feathers. No need to cover yourself up in feathers. Choose a simple cut blouse or dress with feather trimmings or a unique accessory that only hints at this trend and you can be assured you won’t pass unnoticed this season.   

6. Try wearing leather pants
instead of your classic slacks or jeans. You may only change the fabric but your outfits will look completely different. Try and see for yourself!  

7. Use strong bright colours from head to toe
as a mood and self confidence booster or add pops of colour to your look by means of colourful accessories. They will remind you of summer and lighten up less sunny days. 

8. Combine strong tones with non-colour or muted colours like peach pink
for a refined modern look. Neutral shades balance the visual weight and help you draw the attention away from parts of your body you want to hide. 

9. Replace your usual floral prints with roses on a dark background.
If you like florals, you will surely love roses and a black background will make you look slimmer and draw the attention away from your silhouette. Opt for smaller roses if you aim to decrease the perceived volume. On the contrary, wear bigger and more distanced patterns if you want to increase width. 

10. Add small inserts of snakeskin print
, especially in terms of footwear. It seems that this pattern is here to stay but it comes in smaller doses this season. If you decide to invest in a pair of square-toe snakeskin print boots, you can already consider you hit the jackpot for autumn.

11. Wear sleek knee-high boots or chunky shoes with dresses.
They will be the protagonists for the next season and such outfits flatter all body types. Try mixing various lines and shapes until you’re satisfied with what you see in the mirror or get in touch so that we can sort this out together.

In terms of bags, choose a 70s-style saddle bag. It’s not just fashionable, but also functional and versatile, since it allows for either shoulder or cross-body carry. A neat saddle bag in a neutral colour will go with virtually anything in your wardrobe, while a colourful one will add a pop of colour to a neat classic outfit. 

Frame your face in style, by wearing matching sets of earrings and pendants. Pearls are the trendiest but you are free to wear any shape and material as long as they exalt the beauty of your face.

From the already popular headbands and geometric sunglasses to beanies and hats of all kinds, there’s a truly wide range of headgear for you to choose from. Will you opt for practical solutions or will you follow your heart and make the aesthetic aspect come first? Comment below!

Bonus: Beauty Trends

In terms of makeup, this season brings more natural eyebrows and radiant complexion in the spotlight. For a touch of drama, you can put the accent on big lashes and red lips. Black smokey eyes are back but pay attention to where and how you wear this intense makeup. 

When it comes to hairstyles and hair accessories, you can go for plaits, gel and messy looks besides the already popular hairbands and clips.

Which fashion trends are more appealing to you?
Remember they are a great way for you to update your look without giving up your personal style. Also, consider your lifestyle and available budget when you adopt them and don’t be afraid to adapt them to your own needs. Oftentimes, one new item allows you to make several new combinations. Be creative and curious and think of new outfits that include garments you already own, mixed in different ways. If you lack time, I can do this for you. You only need to send me photos of your clothes and some cues about your lifestyle and personal style and I will create a look book for you to use anytime you need new ideas on how to wear your own clothes. Based on your budget, you will also be able to purchase those garments and accessories that can make a difference in your wardrobe and unlock your creativity. What are you waiting for? Get in touch and learn how to update your wardrobe for the next season and many others to come.

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