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07/06/2019, 15:31

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 Has it ever happened to you to wait impatiently for summer to come and as soon as the days finally start to get warmer, to start panicking? You realize that those relaxing days at the beach you have long been craving for also require long ...

Has it ever happened for you to wait impatiently for summer to come and, assoon as the days finally start to get warmer, to start panicking? You realizethat those relaxing days at the beach you have long been craving for alsorequire long frustrating shopping sessions, a drastic diet or (more) time spentat the gym. 

You desperately try to get in shape in... let’s say a couple ofweeks, right in time for your first date with the sea. Or even worse, you areso hopelessly unhappy with your body that you stopped looking for a solution longago. You simply expect the worst for your first day at thebeach this year. 

Why don’t you just give it one more try and start looking for the rightswimwear for your body type? It will help you forget all your doubts andworries. It will make you understand that there’s nothing wrong with your body.Starting today, all you have to think about is the joy of living your summer tothe fullest.  

Keep reading if you are looking for some tips to help you spot the swimsuityou won’t be able to live without anymore:   

Circle body type  
The fastest and easiest solution for a full bust, waist and upper back is asolid color one-piece swimsuit.   
One-pieceswimsuit: Triumph  

In case you prefer two-piece swimsuits, a halter bikini top with structuredcups will give you all the necessary support.   
Halter bikini top: Triumph  

Besides support, a bikini top in dark colors will help you visually reduce your bust. 
Bikini top: Solid &Striped    

As for the bottoms, think of balancing your silhouette. Try printed regular or low-waist shorts.  
Printed swim shorts: Bonprix

For this body type, I recommend you to stay away from horizontal stripesand thin straps.    

Hourglass body type  
In the case of a perfectly balanced silhouette, with shoulders as wide asthe hips and a narrow waist, the only risk consists in ruining the alreadyexisting balance. 

Choose a halter bikini top or a crop top and bottoms with wide straps. Itdoesn’t matter whether you opt for solid color or printed bottoms as long asyou make sure that they always match the bikini top.  
Printed bikini bottoms: Fabienne Chapot   

Printed bikini top: Fabienne Chapot    

Solid color halter bikini top: VIX  

Solid color bikini briefs: VIX

On the contrary, you should avoid wearing solid color bikini tops withprinted bottoms or vice versa. What is more, bottoms with thin straps andlow-waist shorts could alter the harmony of your silhouette.  

Rectangle body type  
With a fairly straight silhouette, you can enjoy all the benefits of amonokini. 
Monokini: La Perla    

If you dream of a uniform tan all around your body and prefer two-pieces, optfor embellished triangle bikinis. Any decorative elements such as prints, ruffles, beads or fringes will do, as long as you like them and they add volume.   
Fringed triangle bikini top: Guess  

Considering its curved lines, a twisted or sweetheart neckline band is very feminine and usefulin this case.  
Twisted band: Guess    

Speaking of bottoms, choose low-waist briefs or shorts.  
Polka-dot bandeau bikini and low-rise briefs: LisaMarie Fernandez    

I don’t recommend you to wear plain strapless bandeau bikini tops - you’veprobably guessed the reason.   

Inverted triangle body type  
In order to balance a larger upperbody with shoulders broader than hips, wear a V-neck or one-shoulder bikinitop. 
One-shoulderbikini top: Stella McCartney 

For the samereason, I suggest you to focus on bottoms embellished with ruffles, bows and othertrimmings.  
Bikinibottoms embellished with ruffles: Lolli Swim 

You should avoid extremely thin straps that would only make your shoulderslook broader than they actually are.   

Triangle/pear body type  
Unlike the inverted triangle silhouette, in this case, your goal is to addvolume to the bust. All you need is a printed or embellished bikini top.  
Bikini top with ruffles: Beach Riot 

Make sure you only keep the extra volume on the upper body by wearing theembellished bikini top with dark solid color bottoms that emphasize yournatural waistline.  
Bikini briefs: Solid & Striped    

The pieces I suggest you to avoid are low-waist bottoms and shortswith horizontal stripes.  

Once you’re done with shoppingfor the swimsuit, don’t forget to also pack in your beach bag a high SPF lotion, abottle of water to stay hydrated and some nice sun-glasses or a hat to protect your eyes from thesun.

Get in touch in case you need advice onhow to choose the ones that best suit your face shape. 

Also, remember to bring withyou to the beach some of the things that usually bring you joy on a relaxingday: 

  • A hard-copy book or an e-book, if you are the type of person who prefers to spend time alone; 
  •  A board game, if you prefer to share fun moments with your friends; 
  •  A waterproof bag for those things you’d rather keep with you, in case you’re planning to take a walk or spend more time in the water than on your towel; 

This being said, I can onlywish you enjoy as many sunny days at the beach or by the pool as possible. Besafe, have fun and enjoy this summer to the fullest!

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